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Discover the exciting and stimulating projects we undertake at Girotondo.

Projects v. programs

At girotondo we do not follow a prescribed program but together with the children conceive projects based on their interests and imagination.

Once a project is decided among a small group of children and educators, the latter will start planning how to best carry out the project, which challenges could arise and which other topics could be included. At this stage the Atelierista usually steps in, advising on materials and languages which would best express the project's multiple aspects.

Projects could carry on for weeks or months and could lead to new propjects or variations of the same, based on children's discoveries and new interests arising from the ongoing projects.

Natural materials allow children to think creatively
Children are encouraged to explore resources and use their imagination
The use of light brings a new perspective and objects to life

We went to Kew gardens...

...and saw Alice in wonderland!

Alice and Sofia were mesmerised by Alice and enjoyed the show very much
they walked through a tunnel of cards...
...and stroke a pose with the actors!
‍it was a nice sunny day so Sofia suggested it was a good day for ice cream...

we caught some butterflies!

Our children have been interested in small creatures lately; we have been looking at snails, ladybirds and we also found a caterpillar on one of our outings, which is now temporarily living with us at girotondo preschool!

Our caterpillars

the children have been checking on the caterpillar changes and in the wait for them to become butterflies they went out to the park to try and catch some butterflies!

A. was very attentive and tried very hard....

our children were very successful and came back with 4 butterflies (again only temporarily held !!)

the children then decided to build a house for the butterflies and they started sketching shapes and materials

A. made a 3d design of a bugs hotel!!

In the "Gruffalo" forest (the little woods in Southfield recreational grounds), we found our square base using string to secure it!.

We worked together as part of a team, learning from one another and sharing skills.

S., 3 years old, said "I think our bug friends will love their new house"!

We did it!
back at the school our children completed the bug hotel with the natural materials collected in the "gruffalo" forest.

to be continued....

we went to the theatre!

this week our outing has been to the theatre to watch 'the scarecrow wedding'.

it was an amazing show and the children enjoyed it very much! After that, we took advantage of the hot weather and went for a picnic at Green Park!

the park was not very 'green' but it was nice for a picnic!
tired children on the way back!

Make sure you don't get eaten by crocodiles!

Young children are extraordinarily perceptive and generative. Experience and thinking meld as they make sense of and develop possibilities in the world they inhabit (Duckett & Drummond, 2009). Educators working at Girotondo are thus bathed in the projects of creative practise – practice which fosters creativity, and provide creative learning opportunities for our children.


This project begins when one morning, child A, aged three is observed walking on the planks and says to herself, ‘Ah, careful not to fall into the river or else I will be eaten by a crocodile!’


Every effort is then made to support this; and a project which no one know where it is going to lead us to has begun!


Part One:


Where does a crocodile come from?


The educator encourages the child to gather the materials that they need to make the crocodile.


Thing Thing     : What do we need to make a crocodile?

Child A             : How about some paper? We can paint on them.

Thing Thing     : That’s sound like a plan!

Mummy crocodile’s tail is swollen


An educator was helping Child A to sketch a crocodile on a piece of paper. The crocodile has lots of sharp teeth and two big eyes.


Thing Thing     : Ops, this crocodile is so big, I don’t think I can fit her tail on this paper.

Child A             : It’s ok, this is a mummy crocodile. Her tail was eaten by Solomon.

Thing Thing     : Who is Solomon?

Child A             : He is the meanest and the biggest crocodile!

Thing Thing     : And he ate mummy crocodile’s tail?

Child A             : Yes. You know when the baby crocodile was still in the egg, and Solomon

  tried to steal the egg. Grown-up job is to protect the baby and that’s why

  mummy crocodile and Solomon were fighting.

Thing Thing     : Wow, what happened next?

Child A             : The next thing is, mummy crocodile’s tail is swollen. Can you fix her,


Thing Thing     : Well, I am not a vet.

Child A             : I know, but you can pretend!





The best pedagogy emerges from close observation.


To be continued …

A little city with train tracks

A. and A. were building a city using a mix of constructions and other materials. A. wanted to add the train to the city so Thing Thing took out the tracks tale and guided by the children started to stick it to the table.

Once the train tracks were in place, the city just started to shape up around it. it had buildings, a river running through it and even a waterfall!

A. also added a magic pond!

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