The girotondo team first meeting!

The making of girotondo preschool!

Today was the first official meeting of the girotondo team and what a meeting it was!

Some of us met for the first time, some of us reunited after a while, and most of all it was the first time that we sat all together to talk about this new adventure and it was all very emotional! We met at the school premises, which is still a work in progress but is looking more and more like the school we are dreaming of and it will soon be ready for us and our girotondo pupils to make it real!

After a brief discussion of ideas regarding the design and layout of the space in the preschool, we sat at the cafe next door, lovely new and soon to become our local Oskar's cafe. Thing Thing, our head teacher, loves her coffee, so immediately asked whether a loyalty card was available! Elisa, the manager, was after the pastries selection, while Silvia, Shojna and Michela, educators and Atelierista, were happy to sample the breakfast choices!

For 2 hours straight we talked policies, furniture, activities, timetable and so on and it was lots of fun. I can safely say we are a great team and we cannot wait to start the real fun in a few weeks.